# Developer Hub
# TypeScript
# Tailwind
# ReactJS
# NodeJS
# Express

Overall Info :

At the beginning of the year, in March 2023, the Developer Hub Server was founded by Paradiesvogel7. The idea was to create a place where different developers can exchange knowledge, ask questions and talk to each other. As the community grows, a website for it was built featuring the members of the dev-team as well as basic information regarding the Discord Server. My role in this project centered around making the landing page and /404 page while implementing animated 3D objects to create multiple scenes.

Reason :

As a member of the server, I worked in cooperation with the owner to develop a website that outlines the core ideas of our community. The goal was also to utilize WebGL technology to create a certain “Wow” effect for someone visiting the site for the first time.

Difficulties :

The main issues revolved around making the site a hybrid of ThreeJS Models for some areas and normally styled markdown for others. Managing animations for 3D models in a Typescript React environment was also a setup that required some time to get used to it.


See the App in Action !