# Issues

Found any Issues/Bugs ?

Is the 3D Model Laggy, or perhaps an unforseen issue with the layout?
This is the right place for any problems and their fixes. I tried my best to make this site as bugfree as possible however it's impossible to make any software 100% soundproof. Since I want to make this site as smooth as possible I recommend first reading whether the issue is occurring on the user side and then if you happen to find an unsolved Bug on the websites side , please let me know in the form below.

3D Models

Experiencing Lag? This issue mostly occurs on Chrome but can also appear on other browsers. In short the 3d models lag due to the browser not using inbuilt hardware acceleration of your own pc. This means all of the rendering instead of being done by your GPU is pushed onto something else. To fix just go to chrome setting and enable " use hardware acceleration when available "


Responsiveness Despite intense testing it is possible to encounter bug regarding how the layout/cards/divs etc. align. Although the most popular screensizes like e.g. Laptops, Desktops, Tablets, Mobile should be Bugfree however unusual/rare combinations/ratios of screen height & width can potentially cause problems.


No Data? This might simply be a network error on either side. Simply try reloading the page. The API (be it the selfmade one or the Github API) might have just not fully loaded.


Unknown If you found something wrong that has not yet been mentioned , please let me know in the anonymous form below

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