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I'm Łukasz, a software developer, patent holder
and designer from Poland.

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Hi ! 🍉

My name is Łukasz and I'm an upcoming developer and open source fan. 💻

I like creating fullstack web applications , while mostly utilizing the MERN Stack. Aside from webdev I'm also interested in networking & Machine Learning with Python and programming in Rust

My TechStack 🗃

A list of technologies I often use during a project

# Programming Languages:


HyperTextMarkupLanguage used to display data in web browsers


CascadingStyleSheets used to style the contents of webpages

# JavaScript

Programming language for manipulating the content of a page

# TypeScript

Superset of JavaScript with features enabling things like typechecking

# Python

Highlevel Dynamically typed language for building pretty much anything

# Bash

Scripting language used to interact with the linux kernel

# Web Design:

# Bootstrap5

CSS framework with out-of-the-box ready components

# TailwindCSS

CSS framework providing utility classes to build customizable UI's

# Chakra UI

UI Library for ReactJS and NextJS with high-level out-of-the-box components

# Frontend Frameworks:

# ReactJS

JavaScript UI Library for building reactive user interfaces

Next.js icon

# NextJS

Fullstack JavaScript Framework built on top of React

# Backend Technologies:

# NodeJS

JavaScript runtime built on Chrome's V8 JS engine

# Express

Node Framework for building backend API's


Embedded JavaScript templating

# Databases:


# MongoDB

Document oriented not-relational Database

# Source Control:

# Git & Github

Free and open source version Control System