# DashboardApp
# Tailwind
# ChakraUI
# NextJS

Overall Info :

A Solana & Ethereum Dashboard app allowing the user to see the digital assets he posesses in form of a clear dashboard. It's possible to transfer ETH to other accounts. See NFT's and visit their IPFS uri, see transactions and balances. There also 4 tabs in the 'other' section where a user can: access the latest crypto news, all relevant data about a specific coin , see exchanges and all available infos about them, even see graphs and the latest data visualised.

Reason :

I wanted to further my skills in web3 and also try out the Moralis.io API on which this app is built.

Difficulties :

The largest hurdle was probably getting used to a new tech stack. While I have experience in react, this was my first time using NextJS. Alongside that I tried out a new UI component library, and later encountered issues regarding the responsiveness of graphs.